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Admission procedures

Steps for transferring a student

1- Filling and sealing a transference form from the previous school (the original form+ 3 copies) and then sealed from the B.L.S as well.
2- Filling a certifiable statement printed by the previous school. In case of grades such as junior 3 and junior 5, the sector's approval will be necessary.
3- If both the school from which the student is transferred and the school to which he/she is transferred are affiliated to the same educational administration, the above mentioned requirements (transference form +certifiable statement) should be sealed from that same administration.
4- If the student's previous school is affiliated to another administration different from the one concerned with
, the above mentioned requirements (transference form +certifiable statement) should be sealed by the two administrations.
5- Presenting a postal order by the name of the administration from which he /she is transferred.
6- The file has to be withdrawn from the previous school. The file has to include enrollment application, the treatment card, the periodical check up card, the electronic government form, the birth certificate and the previous years examinations.
7- Bringing the transference form, certifiable statement, postal order and eight recent photos to
along with the withdrawn file.


The student has to pass the entrance tests. The parents and the students have to attend an interview with the administration of

Application steps for a student back from abroad:

1- Enrollment application for an Egyptian student back from abroad (examination and student; affairs at the administration in Toson.
2- The original birth certificate.
3- 8 recent photographs.
4- Certifiable statement with marks sealed by the registrar.
5- Photocopies of passport showing the returning date and a photograph of the student.
6- Making a new folder for B.L.S including a new enrollment application.

Enrollment steps of a foreign student

1- An enquiry form towards the enrollment of a foreign student at one of the administration's schools. (From the examinations and students affairs at the administrations in Toson) showing the date of the end of residence period (sealed a true copy).
2- Foreigners certificate (from the examinations and students affair at the administration in Toson).
3- Copy of the passport that defines the residence period.
4- Copy of the passport that includes the student's photograph.
5- The student's birth certificate documented by the Egyptian ministry of exterior affairs and the consulate of the country from which the student came
6- 8 recent photographs.
7- Making a new folder for B.L.S including a new enrollment application.